Self Defense Seminars

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is said by many to be the purest martial art for self defense. Be wary though, you may go to a BJJ Gym and find all they teach are competition techniques that may win you gold medals, but will most likely not be applicable in a real life self defense situation.

Here at Gracie Barra Costa Mesa, we blend well the details needed for competition with the basic self defense techniques that may save your life. This concept creates the foundation for the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Whether it’s a specific self defense seminar or our adults class, you can be sure that what you are learning is battle tested. There are countless stories of how Jiu Jitsu has saved lives, so come learn first hand!

We love to give back to the community with Women’s Self Defense seminars, anti-bullying demonstrations, and even Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Birthday parties! Or, if you want to schedule a Self Defense Seminar for your work, please get in contact with us! They are always a blast for everyone!

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