More than a Sport

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than just a martial art or sport. It is a whole lifestyle. Here in the OC it is quite apparent, BJJ culture blends well with the laid back surfer/skater scene of the coastal cities and is where Gracie Barra opened their North America Head Quarters, in Irvine, setting the bar high for the Jiu Jitsu scene of the OC.

A lifestyle is something more than a hobby or random form of entertainment, it is a passion that facilitates so many opportunities in your life. When you first begin, you may not get hooked- but when you do, you begin to understand more about yourself, your health, and your community.

If you belong to this community of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner’s, grappler’s, or martial artists in general – do you adopt the lifestyle wholeheartedly or do you kind of stick your toe in once and a while? Or perhaps somewhere in between?

I personally believe casual practice is fine and competition is optional, but you must commit to your casual practice. Too many times we see people sprint the first day, week, or month – and then burn out, never to be seen again. This journey is a marathon, once you start you have to pace your self for the long road ahead.