Class Breakdown
Tuesdays & Thursdays: Professor Louie
Great Exercise
Superb Technique
Excellent Supervision
Fridays (Kids) & Sundays: Professor Scott
Awesome Techniques
Safe Environment
Fun Atmosphere

Our no-gi program is great for the adults and for the kids! Comparable to submission wrestling, the no-gi class is fast paced jiu jitsu. If training jiu jitsu in the gi (kimono) is like human chess, then training no-gi jiu jitsu is like checkers. It involves faster strategy and quicker movements.

Our kids no-gi/MMA class is a great way to see a different perspective on the jiu jitsu we practice everyday.
More like a real fight, MMA consists of punching and kicking techniques mixed in with jiu jitsu grappling. Our professors and coaches are well versed in the styles of Boxing and Muay Thai. We make sure to keep it fun and safe!

Adult Classes are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Kids classes are Fridays.

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