Mondays (7:30PM) & Fridays (6PM)
Class Breakdown
  • Warm Up: Consists of jump roping, sprints, push ups and/or sit ups
  • Technique/Drill: Coach Aubyn will show a technique (or two) of the day and the class will drill the move(s)
  • Cool Down: The class will with end ab/core work
What To Bring:
  • GB Rashguard & Shorts preferably. Otherwise, Work Out Shirt & Board Shorts (Black) are acceptable
  • Hand Wraps
  • Water
  • Boxing Gloves (optional)
  • Jump Rope (optional)
  • Mouth Guard (optional)

The class teaches the fundamentals of boxing providing an extra skill for self defense while focusing on fitness as well. Come improve your technique, foot work and have fun with former Olympian Aubyn Hines.

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