Also know as Arte Suave, which translates to "the Gentle Art". Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is one of the purest martial arts in terms of self defense. The core principles are based on leverage and anatomy. BJJ's philosophy is using technique to overpower strength - the smaller, weaker person being able to defeat the bigger, stronger person. Our Jiu Jitsu program builds confidence, discipline, respect, anti-bullying philosophy and self-esteem.

To someone just beginning BJJ, starting as a brand new white belt may seem intimidating. There is a saying in the Jiu Jitsu Community, "a black belt is a white belt who never gave up." Whether to become a world champion or to just become better in everyday life, BJJ at Gracie Barra Costa Mesa is top notch, and a gym like no other -

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Please bring the following:
• Athletic Apparel (Dark)
• Plenty of Water
• Sandals/Flip Flops

You can book a class online or just show up about ~15 minutes early to class;
• We will show you around the gym,
• Have you try on a loner uniform (if doing a Gi Jiu Jitsu Class),
• Then get you on the mat learning BJJ!

The hardest part of training is getting through the door - once you are here, it is a ton of fun and a great workout (and may save your life one day)!

- Coach Patrick (Program Director)

Our Gym’s Location

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu
1304 Logan Ave. Suite J
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Contact Us

Phone: (714) 708-2700


Monday – Friday
12PM – 1:30PM, 4PM – 8:30PM
Tuesday & Thursday
6:30AM – 7:30AM, 4PM – 8:30PM
9AM – 12:30PM
10AM – 11AM

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**For booking cancellations or changes, please contact us at 714-708-2700**