Black Belt Promotions

As many of you know, our recent black belt promotion was a huge success. Congrats to all those who continue to work hard on their Jiu Jitsu journey. Many people come together from different places and everyone has their own path – that’s why it is so awesome to see people “finish” and achieve their black (really just the beginning). Prof Todd received his first stripe on his black belt (3 years for one stripe!) Congrats Team!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu humbles the mind, strengthens the body and fuels the soul.

Prof. Lance’s story about never getting his judo black belt and quitting right at the “finish line” should inspire those upper belts to never give up. It makes everyone happy to see that he values Gracie Barra Costa Mesa to stick with our family and achieve one of the most prestigious belts in all of Martial Arts. 

If you have started Jiu Jitsu yet, don’t quit before you have begun! In the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu hot spot that is Orange County, Gracie Barra Costa Mesa creates a unique family atmosphere. People just like your self create a fun and safe learning environment and Passionate instructors teach real Self Defense through jiu jitsu. 

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