3 Ways to Kick Ass in 2019

It’s a fresh new year and we are feeling excited about 2019 here at Gracie Barra Costa Mesa! Our professors and members are all hitting the mats and pumped to get back into their routines. We know that January is the month where many people set new year resolutions but inevitably break them the next day. If you’re looking for 3 easy ways to kick off 2019 with your best foot forward, we have 3 tips that will help you feel healthy, stay relaxed, and get fit.

1. Improve just one eating habit at a time

Many people break their “I will eat healthier” resolution because they do it pretty cold turkey. They think that drinking kale and grass, cutting out all carbs or removing meat from their diet will help. But going cold-turkey like that makes it really hard to keep your diet goals, especially when it’s a habit you’ve had all your life. We recommend that you set your goal on improving just ONE eating habit and keeping it for 2-4 weeks (depending on how ambitious you are). By slowly introducing your body to one new change can be much easier to adjust and maintain. Once something becomes a good habit, it can naturally becoming a lifestyle.

2. Set time to reset your soul

Thanksgiving and Christmas was a whirlwind with all the hustle and bustle of eating, shopping and traveling. Make January the month that you push a reset button. Intentionally slow down your social calendar to focus on yourself. Do a little bit of soul care. Maybe this is the month that you read that book that you have been meaning to all last year. It’s the perfect time to reflect and set your 2019 goals for the year. You don’t have to do all this alone. Perhaps ask one friend to join you on a trip to the museum to appreciate some art. Whatever it may be, this is the perfect month to allow yourself the opportunity to authentically connect with your soul.

3. Keep training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Staying physically fit is one of the TOP goals for many people in January. The local gym is very crowded at this time because so many people are motivated at the beginning of the year. However, without the proper techniques and support system, people end up hurting themselves, getting discouraged and breaking their new year resolution soon after. Here at Gracie Barra Costa Mesa, when you join our community, you attend classes taught by the best professors in their field and you are inspired and supported by other dedicated members. GBCM will become a part of your family and jiu-jitsu will become part of your regular workout routine. This is not a gym; this is a lifestyle.

We believe that these 3 tips will help you start your 2019 right: eating healthier by improving one habit at a time, relaxing more by setting aside quiet time and going to GBCM to practice jiu-jitsu on a regular basis. We look forward to helping you meet your health and fitness goals this year.