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Arm Bar Defense

We have Jiu Jitsu training for kids up to 6 days a week, in the gi and no gi! A lot of our students compete often and are always looking for more ways to improve their strategies. Especially for tournaments, private lessons are key to developing a game...
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Tito vs Chuck 3

One of the oldest feuds in Mixed Martial Arts and UFC history will be making a return into the Octagon on Nov 24 at the Forum in LA. Tickets available here. Talk to Prof. Scott about GB CM Seating and available tickets. Tito Ortiz has been putting in...
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Dream BJJ Kids Competitors List

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu is a global team which strives to be the best Jiu Jitsu organization around the world. Here in Southern California, there is a high density of GB schools, which creates an even stronger network between our BJJ schools. Great for...
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Why Jiu Jitsu vs other activity

You may not know this but, Southern California is one of the main cultural hot spots of Jiu Jitsu activity – plenty of competitions, training partners, and black belt instructors are saturating Orange County’s Jiu Jitsu. Which is amazing for...
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JJWL Results

Over this past weekend the Jiu Jitsu World League tournament took place here in Southern California. Our team took a few competitors, some getting out there for the first time. Gracie Barra Costa Mesa competitors did an excellent job representing  our...
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